A Word from Richard 


Congregational Letter - January 2020

Dear friends,

At our Prayer Emphasis Day prayer meeting this month, I had a powerful sense of needing to hold my hands on my lap, palms open and facing upwards. As I did so, I knew that being open palmed before God was a position of trust in Him, of openness to His using and readiness to His filling.

2020 lies before us and over my January retreat day this image of having opened palms before our God kept returning. I believe God is asking that I share this with you and that I invite you to hold open your hands, palms upwards, before God.

He is wanting us to trust Him, to be open to what He brings and to seek more filling of His Holy Spirit.

Our mission and ministry as God’s people who worship at Christ Church is continuing to pray earnestly for men, women and children of our local community to see their need of salvation, to receive that inner peace, that reality of forgiveness, and that meaning for now and eternity.

Growing in our own faith and knowledge of God is vital to that. How can you do that through personal study, corporate worship and group encouragement?
Inviting in our family and friends, even if we expect them to say no at first, is a key component of welcoming others to know and enjoy the family fellowship we have. How can you pray and invite those you know already?
Inspiring one another – a constant refrain in the New Testament – is central to our community life, when it’s too easy to let our actions divide or our words deflate. How can you say sorry to someone you’ve offended or speak words of encouragement to one you know is struggling?In 2020, let us each commit to be open handed, palms upward, ready to trust Him, open to what He brings and seeking His Spirit’s filling.“Love one another deeply. Honour others more than yourselves. Stay excited about your faith as you serve the Lord. When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful.” (Rom 12:10-12 New International Readers Version)

God’s richest blessings be upon you and all whom you love this 2020

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